Welcome to Lucky Rabbit Eats Land! We want to help people lead healthier food lives without sacrificing insanely delicious flavor.  We craft big bold balanced flavors both familiar and unexpected.   So step right up, open a bag or twist the kimchi jar open and taste a little piece of heaven.  

We are fresh from participating at the 2018 Good Foods Mercantile here in Portland, OR. Check out the great shout out from Portland Monthly. 5 Amazing Things We Ate and Drank at Good Food Mercantile PDX at  https://www.pdxmonthly.com/articles/2018/5/9/5-amazing-things-we-ate-and-drank-at-good-food-mercantile-pdx


OUR CREDO  is "Be wealthy with your healthy!"  We believe that building your health portfolio is like investing in a financial portfolio for your future.  A lifestyle built on a diversified menu of real, wholesome, well-balanced foods can sustain your short and long-term energy goals and soulful spirit during those sunny and rainy days ahead.

Meet the Woman Behind Lucky Rabbit Eats

Mokja!  That was the call that started it all and put Vivian Lee on her path to create Crunch Time foods, a plant based foods company.  When Vivian’s mom yelled Mokja! from downstairs, it only meant one thing – it was time to eat.  And when it was time to eat, that meant deliciousness was waiting on the dinner table.  Vivian’s parents were the biggest, baddest foodies long before that term was created.  Her Father and Mother came from a long line of amazing cooks back in their home country of Korea.  Every day Vivian ate Korean food at the dinner table.  She was eating her Mom’s homemade kimchi before she could walk.  While growing up, Vivian’s was imprinted by her  parallel rich American culinary life. When she wasn’t eating Korean food and she was eating (and working)   at her parents  now iconic diner Steve’s Lunch in Ann Arbor Michigan.   Growing up was pob (rice in Korean), kimchi, a sea of prepared vegetables  and Korean marinated proteins.  Koreans really do make fabulous fresh veggie dishes! At Steve’s lunch it was all about American food to start, oh the Beef Stroganoff on Monday, Hungarian Goulash on Tuesday, Hamburger steak on Wednesdays and the list goes on.

Vivian started concocting at the diner when it was slow at the griddle, grilling green grapes and pears to put on top her chicken sandwich, making a total mess in the kitchen at home with chocolate mousse for her  junion high French class project,  then baking granola and snack foods in high school to keep herself and friends energized on road trips to tennis matches and track meets.

After many years of schooling, practicing in the corporate world, and continually finding it difficult to find yummy and healthful foods, Vivian decided to dive into the deep end of the pool, follow her passion and  craft  foods that were  lip smacking deliciousness!