Lucky Rabbit Snacks makes "East Meets West" artisanal, insanely delicious sweet and savory snacks. We draw on our love of global flavors and commitment to making super food snacks, brimming with nuts and seeds. We believe plant based foods are the high value currency to a healthful lifestyle. Our original line included energy packed nuts and will continue to do so. But we are rolling out our Allergy Friendly line that are free of nuts, soy, wheat and dairy for our growing customers and their kids with food sensitivities.


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Our credo is "Be wealthy with your healthy!"  We believe that building your health portfolio is like investing in a financial portfolio for your future.  A lifestyle built on a diversified menu of real, wholesome, well-balanced foods can sustain your short and long-term energy goals and soulful spirit during those sunny and rainy days ahead.

Meet the Woman Behind the Rabbit

Chief Snack Officer Vivian Lee has been baking snacks and granola since high school.  She always liked these foods crunchy and percolating with layers of flavor and heady aromatics.  After way too many years of school, she toiled years in the corporate world.  But Vivian's passion for snack food and granola never waned and she continued to bake away.  In 2015 she finally jumped into the deep end of the snack pool with a mission to create the most insanely delicious "East Meets West" snacks and Korean street foods that are not only unique and delicious, but nutrient dense.